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The Zenbelly Cookbook – Paleo Cookbook Review

Louise Hendon | August 2
zenbelly cookbook simone miller paleo book review

Book Title:

The Zenbelly Cookbook – An Epicurean’s Guide to Paleo Cuisine
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Book Author(s):

Simone Miller

Overview of Book:

Simone is a top-notch chef and owner of Zenbelly. So, what you’ll find in this amazing cookbook are really detailed instructions, Paleo recipes to impress, and handy tips for cooking like a pro!

Why is Simone such an amazing Paleo cook? Well, apart from her obvious experience as a chef, she also has a knack for recreating the exact tastes of traditional non-Paleo foods. As Simone puts it: “That’s probably because if I want pizza, I want pizza. Not the flavors of pizza in a bowl – real pizza. On my birthday, I want the chocolate cake that I remember from my childhood backyard birthday parties. And once in a while, I want warm cookies fresh out of the oven.”

Who This Book is For:

Anyone wanting to perfect their Paleo cooking would love this cookbook. If you want to impress people with just how amazing Paleo cooking can be, then this is definitely the book for you.

Every recipe is beautifully photographed, and you can tell that presentation is hugely important to Simone (even the garnish is positioned with precision).

Reading the list of recipes in the Zenbelly Cookbook is like reading a Michelin-starred restaurant menu! There’s citrus-herb spatchcock chicken, crispy braised duck legs with melted shallots and roasted plums, as well as roasted rabbit with grapes and pancetta! And that’s just the poultry and rabbit section!

If you’re looking for some baked goods, then there’s plenty of that in this book – from loaded banana bread to the chocolate hazelnut waffles and bread sticks and pizza crust. And for desserts, don’t miss the strawberry shortcake, berry custard tart, and the lemon pound cake!

zenbelly cookbook simone miller paleo book review

Favorite Chapter:

Everyone starts their cookbook off slightly differently, and Simone is not an exception. There’s an entire section called “how to cook like a pro” where she shows you basic cooking techniques (with step-by-step photos). There are the basics, like how to julienne a carrot, as well as the hard stuff, like how to cut up a whole chicken.

zenbelly cookbook simone miller paleo book review

Top 3 Recipes:

1. Persimmon Salad with Grapes, Prosciutto, and Almonds
I love persimmons, and there aren’t that many recipes using them. So I love it when someone creates one involving persimmons.

2. Whole Roast Duck with Root Vegetables and Wild Mushrooms
I just had to include this recipe! Roast duck is amazing, and this dish makes me hungry just to look at!

3. Apple Cider Donut Holes
I’ve never even been a big fan of donuts (don’t get me wrong, I still think they’re delicious, but I just didn’t grow up eating them), but I did really like donut holes after I discovered them in the US. I was really surprised the first time I ate them at how easy it was to finish an entire box and still want more! Well, you’ll definitely want more of these donut holes, especially since Simone writes that “you’ll be able to serve them to the masses without their having any idea that there’s anything ‘missing.'”

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zenbelly cookbook simone miller paleo book review

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