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How to Use This One Fruit to Reduce Your Cholesterol

Jeremy Hendon | April 24
How to Use This One Fruit to Reduce Your Cholesterol

To be fair, I think that concern over cholesterol is fairly overblown. It’s not that it’s never a problem, but it tends to be more of a symptom of other underlying issues, rather than a problem in and of itself.

However, I know that most folks are still concerned when they see their cholesterol start to creep up. If that’s you, then you’ll likely be interested in this recent study.

(No matter what, the resulting advice is still good for anyone…)

An avocado a day may help keep bad cholesterol at bay

The study wasn’t complicated. Researchers took a group of folks with high cholesterol and divided them into 3 groups. One ate a low-fat diet. Another ate a moderate-fat diet. And the third group ate the same moderate-fat diet, but also included an avocado every day.

Because the diets were restricted to begin with, both of the first 2 diets helped to lower LDL cholesterol just a bit.

However, the 3rd diet had almost twice the effect on lowering cholesterol, just by adding an avocado every day.


I don’t usually write about studies like these, because I’m very much opposed to the prevailing media search for “magical” foods that will help reverse or avoid disease. I don’t think any food can do that – our diets overall need to be both nutrient-dense and also low in toxins (by which I mean mostly gluten, processed sugar, and seed oils).

Nonetheless, I’m a big avocado fan, and if this encourages you to eat them a little more frequently, then that’s not a bad thing.