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What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Jeremy Hendon | October 27
what is bulletproof® coffee

I don’t drink coffee.

Blasphemy, I know.

But I just don’t like it.  And I don’t really like caffeine either.  But I have tried coffee…

Why I Tried Bulletproof® Coffee

I was on a cruise, and Dave Asprey was there.  Awesome guy.

But when I heard I didn’t like coffee, he insisted that it was because I’d only tasted bad coffee before, which was probably true.  And he insisted that I try his brand of coffee.

Bulletproof CoffeeSo I did.

And he was both right and wrong.

His coffee was much better than the coffee I’d tasted before.  But I still didn’t like it.  I’m not too bummed, though.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof® Coffee is a term coined by Dave Asprey, and it’s the name of his brand of coffee.

His brand, in particular, is not dried in the sun, preventing it from accumulating mycotoxins.  (You can google mycotoxins to understand better why they’re a problem, but the research is very good and long-standing.)

In addition, to being the name of Dave’s brand of coffee, the term “bulletproof coffee” has taken all soon a life of its own. Frequently, it’s used as a generic term for coffee that has some form of fat added to it.

This is something that Tibetans have been doing for a very long time, as they have long added yak butter to their coffee.

Dave found that he could stay in a fasted state and boost his energy, etc. by drinking coffee to which he added MCT oil and butter.  Whereas Dave adds MCT oil and butter, many people add just butter, just coconut oil, just MCT oil, just ghee, or some combination of all of the above. Mark Sisson adds raw egg yolks to his coffee.

If you want to see the recipe that my wife Louise uses, check out this video by Louise, where she makes the “Ultimate Paleo Coffee”:

That’s a slightly different recipe containing coconut oil and ghee, but the general theory is the same.  Use a high-quality coffee, but instead of filling it with sugar or cream, use some form of fat.

It will provide you with better and longer-lasting energy (because the energy from the fat will effectively “last” for longer than energy from sugar, without providing the hormonal crash).  Also, although I don’t personally drink coffee at all, pretty much everyone who tries this type of coffee is surprised at how great it tastes.

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Does anyone know WHY it is called “bulletproof”? Thank you!

Katrina Hooten - January 23

I’ve tried it with the ghee and coconut oil and I must say it is very tasty. Sometimes I don’t use the blender, but will just add the ghee and coconut oil to the coffee. I plan to purchase some MCT oil and try that very soon.

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