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World’s Easiest Paleo Baking – Book Review

Louise Hendon | January 3
World's Easiest Paleo Baking – Book Review

Book Title:

World’s Easiest Paleo Baking – Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, and with No Refined Sugars
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Book Author(s):

Elizabeth Barbone

Overview of Book:

Paleo baking made easy.

Who This Book is For:

Anyone who wants to make baked goods without wheat flour or other grains and who wants easy recipes using simple ingredients like almond flour and coconut flour.

Favorite Chapter:

I’ve always been rather bad at making cakes (whether it’s with gluten or without!). I blame it on my Asian heritage – they just don’t have ovens in Asia. But unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped me from loving cakes.

One of my fondest childhood memories is my grandmother visiting me on my birthday every year with a large birthday cake. And in New York, one of my favorite foods was red velvet cupcake.

So, look through the giant list of delicious Paleo cakes in Elizabeth’s book makes my mouth water. There’s the Gingerbread Cake, the Almond-Flour Yellow Cake, the Coconut-Flour Yellow Cake, the Classic Spice Cake, the Can’t Beet It Chocolate Cake, and way more!

Top 3 Recipes:

1. Almond-Flour Chocolate Cake
This triple-layered cake is beautiful and fit for any celebration. In fact, you can see the photo of this amazing cake on the cover of the cookbook!
2. Gingersnaps
Good ginger cookies are hard to find, but now you can make your own.
3. Flour Tortillas
Made mostly from almond flour and tapioca starch, these look just like the real thing!

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