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Nutritional Grail – Book Review

Louise Hendon | September 18
Nutritional Grail by Christopher James Clark

Book Title:

Nutritional Grail
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Book Author:

Christopher James Clark

Overview of Book:

In this book, the author explores healthy eating by looking at past wisdom and applying the latest scientific research to validate that nutritional and ancestral wisdom. He looks at foods that are the healthiest and those that are the most problematic, examines the issue of deteriorating food quality and explores the opportunities for detoxifying our bodies and reducing degenerative diseases through the foods we choose. Not only is this a ‘what and why’ of healthy eating, but a ‘how’ – offering solid explanation, proof and a path to healthier eating.

Who This Book is For:

This book is for anyone who has concerns about their health and about the way they eat who wants to truly understand the complete picture. Rather than adopting the latest fad or trend, people who will read and appreciate the Nutritional Grail want to truly understand rather than simply following the pack and want to make their own decisions about what is most important to them.

Favorite Technique:

Throughout each chapter, the author uses subheadings to identify specific concepts and ideas. This is a helpful tool in finding what you are looking for later because I believe this book is something people will go back to again and again, whether to explain concepts to family or friends or to remind themselves of key points. These sub-headings are also included in the index for easy reference.

Top 3 Chapters:

My first recommendation and one of my favorite chapters is Chapter One: The Seven Pillars because it is like nothing I have ever read before. Oh, some of the concepts you may have heard in bits and pieces here and there and some of it may make sense to you as if perhaps it reminds you of something you’ve heard before but this is the first place I’ve read all of the concepts together in a basic ‘this is what you need to understand and why you may want to rethink the way you eat’ kind of way.

I know many people should read and will learn a lot from Chapter Three: Fats, but I preferred Chapter Four: Carbohydrates. With all I have read and been told I still find the concept behind carbohydrates confusing – what is, what isn’t, which are ok, which are most harmful. I love the simple smart carbs, bad carbs lists and the explanation of the differences in sugars. Finally, I think I understand.

Last but certainly not least, I love Chapter Nine: The Recipes. It’s fantastic to be able to read, to learn and to understand but recipes are a ‘show me the money’ bonus. Show me how I’m going to implement all I’ve learned, show me what it looks like in my everyday life, give me examples I can follow to change my own eating and I can learn to eat better on my own. The recipes provided cover every meal and include sauces, side dishes and desserts. This book could literally become your kitchen go-to. The author asks us at the end to be scientific – be intuitive – be ourselves. Nutritional Grail offers the tools to achieve all of these.

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About Heather Seftel-Kirk: Not a physician or nutritionist, Heather came to her understanding of food and health through parenting three children, now teens, who seemed not to fit the ‘norms’ of health and through questions…so many questions.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free for review purposes. I received no other compensation, and this review is based on my own opinion. Note that some links on this page (and throughout this website) are affiliate links.