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34 Easy Paleo Kale Recipes That Will Make Your Diet Even Healthier

Louise Hendon | August 15

If you’d like to make the most of your Paleo diet and get as many health benefits as possible, it’s time to include some delicious Paleo kale recipes!

Kale is packed with a massive amount of nutrients that are great for your body in so many different ways. Not to mention it is a delicious veggie that is a perfect addition to any meal of the day.

Did you know kale contains a high amount of a nutrient called lutein? Consuming lutein-rich foods can have a positive effect on your eye health.

If you’re on a dairy-free Paleo diet, you’ll be happy to hear the calcium and vitamin K in kale are great for your bone health and can help prevent osteoporosis.

There are various types of kale that you can use in these Paleo-friendly recipes:
Curly leaf kale – Probably the most common kale; great for crunchy Paleo kale chips!
Tuscan kale – This one is a bit thinner than the curly leaf kale, so it cooks faster (good to know if you’re short on time!)
Red kale – Also known as Russian kale; makes a gorgeous presentation with its red-hued leaves and stem.
Baby kale – A young kale that has a more subtle flavor, perfect for Paleo kale salads.

One of the reasons I like to cook Paleo kale recipes is that they’re easy on your wallet. Kale is available almost throughout the whole year, wherever you live, and it won’t wreck your budget. You’ll find some of my favorite Paleo recipes on this list! Kale is super easy to cook, whether you’re looking for a Paleo breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Some of my favorite Paleo kale breakfast recipes are the muffins and frittatas. How about lunch then; would you rather have sashimi or steak? We’ve got you covered!
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34 Crunchy Recipes for Paleo Chips

Louise Hendon | July 28

Do you miss the flavor of those crunchy, crispy potato chips you used to buy before you started eating Paleo?

I used to get terrible cravings for chips, and the urge to go and eat a whole bag of them was getting out of hand. That’s when I started looking into Paleo alternatives.

There are plenty of Paleo approved chips that you can make at home – and it’s a lot easier than you think!

Our list of 34 delicious Paleo chip recipes includes everything from kale chips to plantain chips, and once you realize how simple these are to make, you’ll want to try one every day of the week.

Any of these chips will make a great Paleo snack; enjoy them with Paleo-friendly dips, add to a bowl of your favorite soup, serve as a healthy movie night snack, or grab a bag of these with you when you leave for work.

Trying one (or ten) of these chip recipes is a great way to make sure your snack is 100% Paleo and healthy. You won’t have to worry about what’s in them – and you can spice them up any way you’d like, to create new, mouthwatering flavors.

If the recipe requires slicing the ingredients, I recommend trying to make the slices as thin as possible. The thinner they are, the crispier the end result – and I’m pretty sure we all prefer super crunchy chips!

I like to make small portions of these, at a time, instead of larger batches. First of all, because they are too hard to resist – and second, because in my opinion they taste even better when they are freshly made. With recipes as easy as these, you won’t mind whipping up a new batch every day.
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36 Terrific Paleo Tuna Recipes

Louise Hendon | July 24

Although any kind of fish is a great source of protein on a Paleo diet, tuna really takes the cake! Did you know that there is, on average, 29 grams of protein in every 100 grams of canned tuna fish? This is definitely an ingredient you’ll want to have in your kitchen all the time!

What I love even more is how versatile tuna is. Whether you love the ease of canned tuna fish, ready to eat on a moment’s notice, or an elegant grilled ahi tuna steak, this fish can please any palate.

I’ve put together 36 Paleo-friendly tuna recipes that showcase this delicious fish. I’ve made sure to include a whole range of recipes, from tuna salads that are ready to eat in under five minutes to Japanese-inspired ahi tuna sashimi, perfect for a gourmet dinner party.

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36 Paleo Casserole Recipes Perfect for Parties

Louise Hendon | July 21

Do you have childhood memories of terrible tuna noodle casseroles? I certainly do. I remember my mother dishing me out a horrible combination of gloopy noodles, thick cheese sauce, and fish. I hated the stuff and, and a result, swore off casseroles for years.

But, as I recently discovered, I have been missing out! Casseroles can be a fantastic, family-friendly, and party-perfect dish! And, best of all, they’re so easy to make Paleo friendly!

Forget the gloopy noodles of yesterday’s tuna casseroles. This list of over 35 guaranteed Paleo-friendly recipes has a casserole idea for every occasion, from a breakfast French Toast casserole (sign me up!) to twists on that British classic, the Shepherd’s Pie.

And, continuing on the international theme, why not a delicious Greek-inspired Paleo beef and spinach pie? Those dreaded days of boring, bland casseroles are long gone with these innovative Paleo-friendly recipes.

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Cheesy Paleo Zucchini Soup Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 21

I was at a restaurant recently for a special occasion and one of my friends ordered broccoli cheese soup.

It looked amazing.

I miss cheese, you guys. Paleo purists will tell you not to ever eat dairy, however, including cheese.

I don’t believe you have to be that strict about it, but it is something I prefer to avoid. If you are going to go there, it should only be after you do an elimination diet to make sure that the lactose and casein don’t cause problems for you.

You should also stick to only eating cheese made from raw milk, which can be tricky to find. I guarantee you that the molten cheese in a steaming bowl right next to me wasn’t a product of raw milk.

Keeping my eyes on the prize, I summoned my resolve and overcame temptation. But as I was crunching away on my pre-meal salad, I couldn’t help but begin to solve the problem.

I needed to make a cheesy paleo soup.

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36 Perfect Paleo Pork Recipes for Every Occasion

Louise Hendon | July 5

Pork is a fantastic starting point for so many dishes! You can slice up pork tenderloin and turn it into a speedy stir-fry. Or slow-cook your pork in a crockpot until it’s so tender it falls apart on your fork.

You can saute pork chops for a quick dinner. You can take your time and make pork the star of your Sunday roast. You can make your own sticky barbecue ribs, breakfast sausages, egg rolls or burgers. The options are almost endless.

There are 36 different Paleo pork recipes for you to try in this list – give them a go and see if you find some new favorites. Or use them as inspiration to invent your own!
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36 Succulent Paleo Steak Recipes

Louise Hendon | June 27

A simple, classic, grilled steak may be the ultimate Paleo-friendly food. But who wants to eat the same thing night after night? Even the best-cooked steak in the world can get old after a few days.

But who says there’s just one recipe for steak? From quick and easy marinades to day-long slow cooker sensations, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy steak on a Paleo diet!

That’s why I’ve put together this list of over 30 Paleo-friendly steak recipes. From grill-ready five spice steak marinades to lunchtime steak salads to slow cooker briskets, you’re sure to find inspiration for your next steak meal on this list!

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