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Baked Squash

Louise Hendon | October 19
paleo baked squash

I picked up this squash from our local store the other day (I don’t actually even know what kind it is – anyone know?). It was really tough to cut open, so I just made a small cut and shoved it into the oven for 2 hours on 350F. It smelled amazing (and was very easy to cut!) and tasted pretty good too – adding a bit of coconut oil or raw honey will make it taste amazing. Perfect for autumn!
baked squash

zack - October 19

looks like acorn squash to me.

    Louise - October 19

    Definitely a possibility – but it seems to be missing that pointy bit at the base that most acorn squash have.

1foxygal - January 9

Hi, I have an acorn squash in the frig for tonight. What I was told is to cut it in have and place open sides down on a cooking tray. Then bake 350 for 40 min. Take it out and season as you want: coconut oil, butter salt and pepper, nutmeg. Now stand the 2 cut halves facing up in a dish and bake another 20 min or till done.
Everyone says it is delish.

    Louise - January 9

    1foxygal – that sounds like a great way. I’ve seen several different ways of baking squash (that varies the order of when you put the seasoning on and whether it’s facing up or not), and I think they’ll all be fine. I’ll have to experiment one day to see how much of a difference the different methods make. Enjoy the squash tonight!

Cristin - December 9

It’s kabocha squash. Japanese pumpkin

    Louise - December 9

    Thanks Cristin! I think you’re right 🙂

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