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Paleo Pressure Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 25

Ordering out can be a challenge when you’re Paleo. It seems like there are hidden ingredients everywhere from refined sugars to hidden grains. So what can you do about this problem? The solution is easy! If you can’t order take out, you’ll have to make it yourself. Don’t worry if that seems daunting at first. With quick and easy recipes like this Paleo pressure cooker beef and broccoli, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to order from a restaurant. With succulent beef and tender broccoli, all in a savory asian-spiced sauce, this dish is the whole package. You can whip up the whole thing in under a half hour, and unlike picking up takeout, you can do the whole thing in your slippers!

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Paleo Pressure Cooker Pot Roast Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 25

Nothing says Sunday dinner quite like pot roast. It’s the whole package, juicy beef, tender veggies, and a delicious savory gravy. If you find yourself missing pot roast now that you’re Paleo, we’ve got good news. Our Paleo pressure cooker pot roast is here to save the day, and the Sunday dinner! Not only does out version cut out the potatoes, for a Paleo-friendly take on the dish. It also cooks in a fraction of the time by making use of the pressure cooker. A delicious and diet-friendly pot roast on the table in under an hour might seem too good to be true, but try our recipe once and you’ll be a believer!

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Paleo Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 24

Why must smoothies be a breakfast/brunch recipe? I always hear of people saying they had a smoothie for breakfast, but it never made sense to me why I couldn’t also have a smoothie for lunch and dinner (and maybe a midnight snack too)! If it’s a delicious smoothie, then it should be enjoyable ANYTIME.

And this smoothie is definitely one of those “enjoy anytime” ones!

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Paleo Raspberry Milk Smoothie Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 24

I love raspberries! They are my favorite fruit because they are tangy and fresh, and not too sweet. If you love raspberries too, we’ve got a great recipe for you. This Paleo raspberry milk smoothie is all about the raspberry flavor! It only has three ingredients, so it’s a breeze to whip up in your blender. Every ingredient serves a purpose. The raspberries provide the fruity base, the coconut milk adds a rich creamy note, and the CoBionic Foundation powder adds fiber, along with a pleasant sweet note. It’s the perfect combination and you’ll find yourself reaching for this easy smoothie recipe again and again!

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39 Free Paleo Eggplant Recipes People Would Pay For

Louise Hendon | June 22

Eggplant, or aubergine, as they call it in the UK, is technically a fruit and not a vegetable. But as it’s mostly used like a vegetable (and doesn’t quite resemble any of the common fruits) we’ll call it a veggie for now.

Eggplants come in various colors, although purple is the most common one. They’re filled with nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium.

If you’re trying to lose weight you might benefit from adding more eggplant in your diet. The fibers will help you feel full longer, and they’re great for your digestion, as well.

3 Tips for Eggplants

  1. Choose a small or medium eggplant over a large one. Smaller eggplants tend to have sweeter flavor. Try and cook the eggplant within 5 days of purchase – eggplants tend to get more bitter the longer they’re stored.
  2. You can remove some of the bitterness by cutting the eggplant into slices and sprinkling a little bit of salt on them. Let rest for 15-30 minutes before cooking (rinse, if needed).
  3. If you wish to bake the eggplant whole, pierce it with a fork few times. This way the steam will be able to escape.

This collection of paleo eggplant recipes is guaranteed to make your mouth water! Casseroles, salads, eggplant curry, baba ganoush – even eggplant chips and fries!

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Paleo Creamy Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 18

What do coconut macaroons and coconut shrimp have in common? Coconut, of course! Whether the dish is sweet or savory, coconut adds a craveable nutty sweetness to any recipe. If you can’t get enough coconut flavor in your kitchen, we’ve got the ice cream recipe for you. Our Paleo creamy coconut ice cream only has four ingredients, and three of them are coconut-based. It simply doesn’t get more coconut-forward than that! So say hello to the tropical flavor you’ve been missing in the comfort of your own kitchen. With an array of coconutty ingredients in your pantry, creamy, creamy, dairy-free ice cream is in reach.

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Paleo Hot Chocolate with Spices Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 17

Whenever my mom is upset, she always makes herself hot chocolate, the good stuff, from scratch. She says that it makes her feel better. This Paleo hot chocolate with spices (CoBionic) tastes as good as my mom’s. It can make you feel better too, and not just emotionally! That’s because this isn’t just any hot chocolate. It’s hot chocolate fortified with a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger, and a healthy serving of CoBionic Indulgence, a chocolated-flavored collagen supplement. So why not indulge? This hot chocolate will meet your emotional needs with a little extra nutrition to boot!

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Paleo Açaí Bowl

Louise Hendon | June 15

I can’t get enough berries, especially when the weather starts to get warm. Growing up, I used to eat strawberries and sugar by the handful from my grandmother’s garden for breakfast all summer long. This Paleo açaí bowl has all the berry flavor of my childhood with twice the nutrients. It all starts with the superfood açaí. Then we add pack in even more nutrients by adding CoBionic Foundation for an extra boost. Whether you start your day with this bowl or enjoy it as a replenishing snack, you’ll be ready for whatever the rest of your day holds!

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