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Paleo Granola Breakfast Recipe

Louise | June 16
Paleo Granola Recipe

It’s always a hassle trying to think of what to eat for breakfast.  This is why it’s best to have super simple breakfast recipes!  The usual granola you buy at the store contains oats and a whole host of added sugars.  So, I like to make my own granola.  You can vary your granola depending on what dried fruits and nuts/seeds you like.  There are so many choices!


Start with your nuts and seeds – I chose pumpkin seeds and almonds because they are nutritious, crunchy, and delicious.

DSC_0072_1000Place into a blender or food processor and blend on a slow setting.  I like to have them fairly chunky still, but you can blend them for longer to get small pieces.


Pour the blended nuts/seeds into a bowl and top with some dried fruit.  I used around 15 raisins and 1 chopped up prune (which was very tasty).  Dried fruits can be delicious, but remember not to use too much of them as it’s unlikely that our ancestors would have had that much access to fruits in general.  Also, eating too many prunes can lead to a lot of trips to the bathroom!


Lastly, pour in your coconut milk (or almond milk, or coconut/almond milk blend or even raw milk).  I served it with a few slices of pear as they were lying around.granola

Paleo Granola Recipe

Paleo Granola Recipe

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 1 serving 1x
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Cuisine: American



  1. Place the almonds and pumpkin seeds into a blender or food processor and blend on a slow setting so that they’re in reasonably large chunks still.
  2. Pour the blended nuts/seeds into a bowl and top with the dried fruit.
  3. Pour cold coconut milk or regular milk on top and enjoy.


Carrie - December 27

Mmmmm…I tweaked the recipe using walnuts and sunflower seeds, and added shredded coconut and ground flaxseed. Amazing flavour!

Mary - April 19

I love the granola recipe Ive always loved granola and very glad there is way i can still enjoy it.

    Louise - April 19

    Thanks Mary – so glad you like it!

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