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Truly Paleo Indulgences

Louise | October 24
paleo thyme biscuits

I don’t often make Paleo desserts, mostly because I tend to eat a little too much of it. But when I saw all the amazing recipes Tammy Credicott put into Paleo Indulgences, I just couldn’t resist – I made 2 in the space of a week!


paleo indulgences Tammy Credicott
And can you blame me? The book is completely filled with one mouth-watering recipe after another, and every recipe comes with a fantastic photo showing you what you’re currently missing out on! Apart from all the gorgeous photographs (which I really love as you can see by my attempts at photography on this site), I found the table of contents – which has photo thumbnails – simply superb. I often forget the name of a recipe I’ve been hankering to make from a book, but with Paleo Indulgences, I can easily locate my recipe with just a quick scan through the thumbnail photographs at the front of the book. Very handy!

So the two recipes I picked were the Sweet Potato Thyme Biscuits and the Orange Creamsicle. Both turned out wonderfully (even though I didn’t have an ice-cream maker!). And here are my photo proofs…

Sweet Potato Thyme Biscuits
paleo biscuits on baking tray
The recipe is pretty simple and the instructions were easy to follow. What really intrigued me about the recipe were the sweet potatoes along with the thyme. I found that the sweet potatoes added the perfect amount of moistness and the thyme added amazing flavor coupled with a tinge of sweetness from the honey.
paleo biscuits

Orange Creamsicle
paleo ice-cream
It’s almost amazing how creamy this creamsicle tastes! I was surprised that coconut milk could produce such a velvety and rich flavor, and yet that’s exactly what I found. There was a very intense orange flavor, which overtook the coconut and the vanilla flavor, but it was still delicious overall. I have to admit that it was a bit labor intensive making the icecream by hand, without a handy ice-cream maker.

paleo ice-cream
But it was worth it since I don’t typically make ice-cream at home. The trick is to keep stirring it every 30-60 minutes after putting it into the freezer. This prevents large ice crystals from forming in your ice-cream and gives it that smooth texture that great ice-cream possesses. I definitely could have stirred it a few more times, but I got rather sleepy and opted for bed instead. Despite all that, we polished off the whole tub in one sitting.
paleo ice-cream

If you’re tempted by these recipes, then you should really get the book! I really enjoyed both recipes I tried from the book, and I can’t wait to try some more! You can get Paleo Indulgences from Amazon, and you can find Tammy at

Kathy - October 26

To avoid the stirring while freezing, you could freeze the mixture in ice cube trays or shallow baking pan. After it is well frozen, break it up and put it in a food processor (a blender won’t really work for this) and process it until smooth and aerated and then serve or put back in the freezer for later.

    Louise - October 26

    Thanks Kathy – that’s a really interesting idea that I’ll have to try.

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