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Paleo On A Budget – Book Review

Louise Hendon | December 13
Paleo On A Budget Cookbook

Book Title:

Paleo on a Budget
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Book Author(s):

Elizabeth McGaw

Overview of Book:

Paleo on a Budget is exactly what it professes to be – a guide to Paleo eating with an awareness of budget and bottom line costs. It includes essential lists for stocking your pantry, how to prepare ingredients ahead to save time during a busy week, and outlines and illustrates a whole host of simple, easy to make meals to take you through everyday eating. Many recipes come with tips about money and time savings and preparation instructions to ensure your success along the way.

Who This Book is For:

This book is quite literally for anyone. It is specifically for anyone who is interested in eating healthier but avoiding the high cost healthy food unfortunately requires, and anyone looking for some tips and tricks to begin Paleo eating.

Favorite Chapter:

I love the chapter called Prep Work and Its Loveliness. For people with busy schedules, people trying to adapt to new recipes, and people who consider cooking a chore, understanding a few basic tips and tricks can make all the difference. The chapter also touches on the idea of prepping for two meals in one. While the idea of leftovers makes some people cringe, preparing a base ingredient that is enough for two different meals saves time and offers the variety many people crave.

Top 3 Recipes:

My first recipe pick is the Sweet Potato Salad. Let’s face it, there are times a good old fashioned potato salad is exactly what you need. This variation is simple, delicious and the sweet potato adds great color you don’t get from a traditional salad. The ability to vary this to match your own favorite recipe – say with the addition of hard cooked eggs, red pepper or pickle – makes it a keeper. I love that the recipe roasts the potato and leaves the skin on because this is something I had always done with a traditional potato salad, keeping the vitamin rich skin and crisping the potatoes for more texture.

My next pick is Summer Shrimp Salad. Shrimp on a budget? Sure, with a few quick tips and suggestions. This salad is simple to make, delicious and impressive enough to serve guests. It works easily as a stand-alone light lunch or as part of a meal. Change up the seafood to something else you’ve found on sale like chunks of tuna or crab (yes, I’ve seen crab on sale on occasion) and you have a flexible summer treat you can enjoy over and over.

Finally, I recommend the Stuffed Chicken. Chicken is one of those essential staples you can’t do without but can get tired of eating the same way night after night. Stuffed with a yummy mix of flavors and easily adaptable, this recipe is easy enough for every day but also stands as a special occasion meal. Throw in some chopped broccoli or asparagus, red pepper for color, and you have a totally different twist on this great dish.

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