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Paleo Primer Book Review – How To Eat Your Way To Less Stress

Louise | October 2
Paleo Primer Book Review

Book Title:

The Paleo Primer


Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore

How To Eat Your Way To Less Stress

1. Your Daily Brew
I’ve been on a bit of a coffee craze since meeting Dave Asprey (the Bulletproof coffee guy) a few months ago.

From barely being able to make instant coffee, I now buy cool “third-wave” coffee and own a grinder and coffee maker!

But is coffee good for you? Is coffee even Paleo?

If you enjoy your coffee, then that’s probably a question you don’t want to know the answer to!

But Keris and Matt (health and fitness coaches at Fitter London (UK)) tell it like it is.

They acknowledge the studies (which the media loves!) suggesting that coffee provides antioxidants, improves cognitive function, and protects against cardiovascular disease. But they also delve into the negative coffee studies, which are so often by-passed because they go against what we’d like to be true.

The caffeine in coffee (and tea) can cause elevated cortisol (the stress hormone), and coffee has been linked to various gastrointestinal disorders.

So, should you give up coffee??

I love Keris and Matt’s practicality here. They suggest that coffee be removed if you’re feeling stressed or drinking Swiss water processed decaf coffee instead. Not ideal, but also not a permanent ban on coffee. Their advice on alcohol consumption is similarly practical and sane.

2. Eat Your S.M.A.S.H.
Do you take fish oil? Or buy eggs high in omega-3s?

My parents have been doing both for years without ever having a clue what omega-3s are!

Omega-3s are fats that are anti-inflammatory and are often severely lacking in our diet. Part of the reason why we’re lacking these is because we consume way more omega-6 fats, and the 3s and 6s need to be in balance. As with all science, there’s a bit more depth to it, and this article discusses and links to more info if you’re curious.

So, how do you increase your omega-3s?

Fish is one of the best sources of omega-3 fats, and the best fish are:

Salmon Mackerel Anchovies Sardines Herring

The authors recommend eating at least 3 portions of these fantastic fish per week. So, eat your SMASH!

3. So, what’s in the rest of the book??
The Paleo Primer Book Review
Although the book is not just about stress, all the tips in the book are geared toward getting you to a healthier, leaner you without drastic measures. The book even says you can still have your pint of beer (occasionally).

The Paleo Primer Book Review

60 pages of the book are dedicated to introducing you to all aspects of paleo/primal living, and then the rest of the book is jammed packed with fantastic recipes (over 100 of them!). Here are a few of my favorites: the Chili Con Cauliflower and the Turkey, Chestnut, and Rosemary Burgers!

Let me know what you think of the book in the comments below!

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