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The Grain-Free Snacker – Book Review

Louise Hendon | November 26
The Grain-Free Snacker

Book Title:

The Grain-Free Snacker
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Book Author(s):

Carol Lovett

Overview of Book:

Filled with more than 70 grain free chips, cookies, munchies and more, this is one cookbook that will satisfy the snack cravings of both the kids and adults in your home. The recipes cover appetizers, after school snacks, lunches, afternoon munchies and breakfasts on the go. Many of the recipes in the book are recognizable and familiar but offer variations on the treats you either grew up with or have shared with your own family that will satisfy both your taste buds and your desire to eat healthier. As a Paleo cookbook, the recipes use wonderfully simple and natural ingredients and are easy to prepare. An early chapter called Introduction to Ingredients gives you some basic information and tips for using the listed ingredients that will ensure your success in the kitchen.

Who This Book is For:

Grain-Free Snacker is a great tool for any kitchen. Even if you have a bookshelf filled with recipes to inspire meals, snack time, appetizers and lighter fare is often still a dilemma. This book fills that gap and offers solutions to many every day ‘what do I make’ questions through recipes that range from finger foods to desserts.

Favorite Chapter:

My favorite chapter is Things that Wiggle. I confess, I used to be a gummi bear junkie. When I was pregnant with my kids that was my only craving and anyone who knows me, or who knew the ‘me’ before I discovered Paleo eating, knew to check the glove compartment for a hidden stash or the counter for the jar of treats that was always there. To have an option for these sweet, chewy treats that isn’t filled with sugar or chemicals is wonderful.

Top 3 Recipes:

My first recipe pick is Cassava Chips. Salty, flavor-filled, crunchy chips are an addictive craving everyone enjoys satisfying, at least once in a while. This recipe is wonderful spiced as is but could also easily be adapted to whatever your favorite chip type is. These would make a great little treat in a kids’ lunch bag and are a definite movie-night option. Betcha can’t eat just one!

My next pick is the Can’t Stop Eating these Crackers. I love recipes that fill the void of traditional ‘staples.’ These crackers are great for a snack, in a lunch box or to suitable to share with guests. They are easy to make, crispy, tasty and definitely as good as anything you might buy in a store.

My third pick is the Sweet Potato and Bacon Perogies. Swapping the traditional potato filling for sweet potato and using dough made from tapioca flour is brilliant. These remind me of the perogies I grew up with but in a version I can enjoy and share with my family. The dough is suitable for other variations on the perogy as well with stuffings that could include cabbage or sauerkraut, mushrooms or dessert options like cherries or blueberries.

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About Heather Seftel-Kirk: Not a physician or nutritionist, Heather came to her understanding of food and health through parenting three children, now teens, who seemed not to fit the ‘norms’ of health and through questions…so many questions.

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