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You’re Going to Love This. How to Use Chocolate as Sunscreen!

Jeremy Hendon | December 12
Chocolate as Sunscreen - You’re Going to Love This. How to Use Chocolate as Sunscreen!

Yeah, I really couldn’t resist writing about this study as soon as I saw the title:

Long-Term Ingestion of High Flavanol Cocoa Provides Photoprotection against UV-Induced Erythema and Improves Skin Condition in Women

(Not as catchy as Chocolate as Sunscreen, but pretty much the same thing.)

Chocolate is Delicious. And Protects Us from the Sun???

Obviously, I immediately imagined smearing myself in chocolate, but the study is actually much more fascinating than that (and has a conclusion that you’ll like more).

In the study, the researchers gave women either a high-flavonol or low-flavonol cocoa powder for 12 weeks and exposed them to a set amount of sunlight.

At the end of the study, researchers measured how much damage the sun had done to their subjects’ skin. They found that the women who had eaten the high-flavonol cocoa powder had significantly less sun damage.

Ready for the takeaway???

It’s Still Just Chocolate…But That’s OK

Eating dark chocolate can actually get you close to the amount of flavonols given to the high-flavonol group.

It’s going to come at the price of more sugar (unless you’re eating 100% dark chocolate), but it’s proof that chocolate does have at least a couple benefits.

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