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49 Incredible Paleo Ground Beef Recipes

Louise | November 18
Paleo Ground Beef Recipes - 51 Incredible Paleo Ground Beef Recipes

Post by Lucha: World traveler, culinary student and Media Director at Paleo Flourish Magazine. Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

For those of us with ground beef taking up way too much space in the freezer (it can’t last in there forever, you know!) here is a list of 49 incredible Paleo ground beef recipes, grouped by recipe type. Oh, the endless possibilities!


Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Chili

1. Squash Chili

2. Spicy Paleo Slow Cooker Chili

3. Habanero Chili

Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Pasta

1. Spaghetti Squash and Bolognese

2. Spaghetti Squash Soup

3. Paleo Zucchini Noodles Slow Cooker Meatballs

Our Favorite Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Casseroles

Paleo Breakfast Casserole

Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Casserole from Bravo for Paleo While it took a while for me to catch on to eating savory, protein-rich breakfasts, I’m so glad I did. Research shows that it can make all the difference in sustaining your energy levels and keeping you feeling good throughout the day. Similar to a frittata, this breakfast casserole is hearty as ever and surprisingly simple. At only 6 ingredients and 5 minutes of prep time, this is great for a last-minute Sunday night cook off, then cut it into squares, tupper it up, and you’ve got a healthy breakfast ready to go for every day of the week! I’d recommend freezing 2 servings to make sure they last you through to the end of the week. (Photo permission from Monica of Bravo For Paleo.)

More Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Casseroles

1. Ground Beef Spinach and Egg Casserole

2. Paleo Version of Shepherd’s Pie

3. Primal Pizza Pie Layer Casserole

Our Favorite Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Meatballs

Creamy Curry Meatballs

Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Meatballs from The Primal Pursuit I always thought of meatballs just as a thing you put on top of pasta. Depending on how they are made though, they work really well as a standalone dish! These creamy curry meatballs are made in bulk using 3 lbs of beef (perfect for entertaining a large group or otherwise freezing the leftovers for future use). Diced apple – I think shredded would work even better – provides a sweet and moist aspect to these meatballs. But the real star is the amazing curry sauce! With tomato paste, coconut milk and some yummy spices to really flavor it up, these meatballs will feel lucky to be covered in such a beautiful, creamy sauce that is my idea of, well, perfection. (Photo permission from Leigh of The Prime Pursuit.)

More Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Meatballs

1. Grain Free Italian Wedding Soup With Meatballs (GAPS, SCD, Paleo, Low-Carb)

2. Thai Meatball Curry

3. Bacon Wrapped Meatballs With Sun Dried Tomato Basil and Walnut Pesto

4. Paleo Italian Meatball Hoagies Leftover

Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Stir-fry

1. Paleo Breakfast Ground Beef and Egg Hash

2. Moroccan Spiced Beef with Dried Fruit

3. Keema Masala With Peas and Ground Beef Curry

4. Creamy Plantain and Squash Ground Beef Mash

5. Ground Beef Skillet Greek Style

6. Indian Ground Beef Coconut Curry

Our Favorite Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Sauté

Simple Stuffed Eggplant with Ground Beef (Grain-Free and Dairy-Free)

Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Sauté - from Jules Fuel There are a few things that stand out about this simple recipe. Even though it’s Turkish cuisine, the required ingredients are nothing obscure, so they shouldn’t be at all difficult to find. Even though it takes a lengthy 50 minutes to cook the eggplant, which is the first step, this recipe is easy to make on a large scale – really just however many eggplants you can fit in your oven at once (although you need to do the calculations because this amounts for this recipe are for a yield of two servings). I love how Jules breaks down the health properties of all of the ingredients. Also, I’ll admit that I have a weakness for any food that is served in a “boat”, in this case, an eggplant boat. Aesthetically pleasing AND delicious. (Photo permission from Julia of Jules’ Fuel.)

More Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Sauté

1. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Bolognese

2. Paleo Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps

3. Paleo Moussaka From Grassfed Girl

4. Hearty Spinach Beef Frittata

5. Homemade Sloppy Joes

6. Stuffed Acorn Squash

7. Thai Beef with Basil (Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

Our Favorite Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Tacos

Chocolate Chili Tacos

Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Tacos from Running to the Kitchen CHOCOLATE chili tacos? At first I shook my head no because it just didn’t make any sense, but then I remembered about mole sauce (a common Mexican ingredient with a chocolate flavor that goes well with everything) and upon closer inspection, realized that this recipe uses unsweetened cocoa powder so it’s not some kind of weird dessert taco fusion, but actually an authentic Paleo-tilted Mexican classic. Plus I love all of Gina’s other recipes and should really not be doubting her cooking wisdom at this point. Gina keeps it uncomplicated with a very quick process: start with shallots, garlic and chilies (sub shallots with onions if necessary), then cook the beef with tomato sauce, the cocoa and a few more spices. Total prep AND cook time is 15 minutes, and if you don’t have grain free tortillas nor the time to make them from scratch, you can alternatively use a crispy lettuce leaf as a wrap to keep it Paleo. (Photo permission from Gina of Running to the Kitchen.)

More Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Tacos

1. Quick and Healthy Beef Soft Tacos (With Paleo Flatbread Option)

2. Taco Salad Recipe

Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Burgers

1. Mini Burgers and Zucchini Salad

2. Spicy Jalapeno Burgers

3. Salisbury Steak

4. Paleo Cajun Burgers with Caramelized Onions

5. Perfect Paleo Burger

6. Bacon Burger Stuffed Bellas

7. Bacon Avocado Jalapeno Stuffed Burgers

8. Paleo Hawaiian Burgers With Spicy Relish

9. Paleo Asian Style Burgers

Our Favorite Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Meatloaf

Ultimate Paleo Meatloaf (With Ground Pork)

Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Meatloaf from Christian Jax at Paleo Canada This Paleo meatloaf takes a while to cook all the way through but a very fast and uncomplicated prep process compensates for the long bake time. Also, a delicious Paleo-friendly ketchup recipe is included as part of the sauce. You can make it spicy or not by including or leaving out the jalapeños. While the original recipe is for meatloaf, Christian also makes a good point that you can use this very same mix for Paleo meatballs (and I have a feeling that from there, they can be squished into Paleo burger patties as well, but I haven’t tried it myself). The sauce is quite sweet and not eccentric in flavor, so this is also a great option for the whole family (I’m alluding to the picky eaters of the house.) (Photo permission from Christian Jax of Paleo Canada.)

More Paleo Ground Beef Recipes for Meatloaf

1. Bacon Wrapped Mini Paleo Meatloaf (With Ground Pork)

2. Cavegirl Paleo Meatloaf (With Ground Pork)

Our Favorite Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Crockpot or Slow Cooker

Golabki (Low-Carb and Grain-Free)

Paleo Ground Beef Recipe for Crock Pot or Slow Cooker from Domestic Soul Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it correctly – I’m still wondering if I’m saying it right myself. All you need to know is that this is a delicious Polish stuffed cabbage (another international cuisine to explore!) that can be prepared in the crockpot but there are also tips on oven cooking if that’s all you’ve got. I get a little tripped up thinking of how I’ll figure out how to lacto-ferment rice, although the instructions of the process are linked in the recipe. I’ll probably just stick with the recommended rice alternative, cauliflower rice. The step-by-step photos show really well just exactly how to roll these babies up the way they are intended and the final product looks something like a Polish enchilada casserole! I just turned this into a fusion dish, didn’t I? (Photo permission from Amanda of Domestic Soul.)

Paleo Ground Beef Recipes from Paleo Flourish

Here are some creative Paleo ground beef recipes from our own site.

Paleo Mexican Tacos

Paleo Ground Beef Tacos from Ancestral Chef

Paleo Mustard Celery Ground Beef Recipe

Paleo Mustard Celery Ground Beef from Ancestral Chef

Quick Paleo Ground Beef Stir-fry


Vegged Up Paleo Beef Burgers

Vegged Up Paleo Beef Burgers from Ancestral Chef

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Thanks so much for including our recipe for Acorn Stuffed Squash in your delicious Ground Beef recipe roundup!

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