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Cholesterol is Your Best Friend Forever

Jeremy Hendon | October 23
Cholesterol is Your Best Friend Forever

About 10 years ago, in Japan, a group of researchers decided to examine the relationship between blood cholesterol and life expectancy in the elderly.

So they went out and found just over 200 elderly folks, all over 85 years old. They ran a bunch of blood tests and then followed them for the next 10 years.

Here’s the report:

We Need MORE Cholesterol

Serum total cholesterol concentration and 10-year mortality in an 85-year-old population

What did they find?

Only what you’d expect…

Having high cholesterol or having high LDL was significantly correlated with living longer.

It’s an observational study, and it’s only 200 or so people. But still. Here was the most interesting quote:

“Mortality, adjusted for the same factors, decreased 0.9% with each 1 mg/dL increase in the serum TC concentration and decreased 0.8% with each 1 mg/dL increase in the serum (low-density lipoprotein) LDL-cholesterol (LDL-C) concentration.”

In other words, for each point or so that total or LDL cholesterol was higher, you were a little bit more likely to live for longer.

Cholesterol is Complicated

Only that it’s getting harder to believe that so many mainstream health “experts” still believe that high cholesterol is the problem they’ve been claiming.

Cholesterol is complicated. Going way too high or way too low is almost always a symptom of some underlying problem. Still, cholesterol is a vital nutrient in our bodies, and we need to stop being afraid of it.

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