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5 Ways to Get a Killer Body without Trudging through the Rain to an Expensive Gym

Jeremy Hendon | July 31

5 Ways to Get a Killer Body without Trudging through the Rain to an Expensive Gym
The most shocking news of the century…exercise is actually pretty good for you.

Yup, you can do it wrong or overdo it, but that’s more the exception than the rule. In particular, lifting weights and strength-training is seriously beneficial, no matter who you are and whether or not you want to look ‘muscular.’ Lean tissue is just healthy, period.

So do you know the #1 reason why exercise doesn’t work? Because you don’t do it consistently.

You get tired. You get bored. The gym is too expensive. It’s raining outside. Or Snowing.

And you bail.

So I’m Calling You Out!

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Even if you can’t go to the gym and lift weights (ideal), you can still get an awesome workout.

Obviously, it’s hard to do any weightlifting unless you have the right equipment (and know the right techniques), so here are the 5 best and simplest exercises that you can do at home, at work, or anywhere really to keep your body fit.

You’ve probably heard of these exercises before, so I’m not telling you some secret little trick that will instantly give you six-pack abs. That’s not the point. It’s all about consistency, and you can use these exercises to be consistent even on days you don’t make it to the gym.


1. Push upspaleo workout, paleo bodyweight, beginner exercises

These are great for your arms and can be done anywhere. What’s even better is that they can be scaled according to your personal level of strength. Here’s how to scale them:

Wall push ups

If you’re just being to exercise, then wall pushes may be the way to go. Just find a wall, place your arms into a push-up position on the wall while you stand with you legs shoulder-width apart and arm length from the wall.

Knee push ups

If wall push ups are too easy but full push ups are too hard, then try a knee push-up. It’s the same as a normal push up except your knees touch the ground instead of your toes.

Full push ups

If you’re comfortable with full push-ups or can do 5 in a row, then you should go for these. Try to keep your elbows in by your side for a military-style push up (this will be better for your shoulders).

2. Sit-ups

I’m sure you know what a sit-up is so, I won’t bore you with a description. Just make sure you’re using your abs for the sit-up instead of straining any other muscle.

If it’s too difficult for you to do a full sit-up, then try doing planks first (see below).

3. Planks

Yes, you’ll hate planks. They’re painful and excruciating if you do them for long enough. But they’re also awesome, and you’ll appreciate the results.

To do a plank, you hold your body taut with your arms under your shoulders and your toes balancing the rest of your body on the floor.

If your arms are weak, you can rest on your elbows instead.

Make sure you keep your butt from sticking up too high and hold your abs in. You want your body to look like one long plank without any bends.

Try this next to a mirror if you can.

Hold for as long as possible. Try for 60 seconds – use a stopwatch. Much of this exercise is actually mental, so push against all thoughts of giving up by keeping your eyes and mind focused. Don’t hold your breath though!

4. Squats

Think of squats as going to sit down on a chair, sitting very briefly on that chair, and then standing back up again. That’s the motion you need to have when you do a squat.

Stand shoulder width apart with your arms in front of you. Make sure your knees do not go over your toes (that can cause knees injuries).

When you squat down, push your knees apart a little so that they’re a bit wider apart than your feet.

Make sure your back is straight during the motion and look ahead, not down.

If you’re already good at doing squats, then try holding some weight in your arms while doing this. It can be a box with books in it or maybe a one gallon bottle of water.

5. Burpees

This is a motion that combines a push-up, a squat, and a jump all in one fluid motion. There are few better full body exercises, and few things that will make you hate me more.

If you can’t do anything else during a day, do 2-3 sets of 20 burpees. You’ll be glad that you did, at least after you’re done cursing me.

Best way is to watch the video below and give it a go yourself.

Let me know if you have any exercises you like to do at home or at work.

Images (in order): Illusive Photography, myyogaonline, SuperFantastic.

Allison Cokeley - October 9

sometimes it is so easy to forget that simplicity really is best! Love this article!!

    Jeremy Hendon - October 11

    Thanks for the comment Allison! It’s sometimes easy to get bored with simple, but it really does work.

      Allison Cokeley - October 11

      I’m a stay at home mom with one of our two children who is special needs… Simplicity keeps me sane, and although I enjoy the gym, thankfully exercising from home works into my difficult schedule!

Allison Cokeley - October 9

sometimes it is so easy to forget that simplicity really is best! Love this article!!

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