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Lychee Ice Cubes – Paleo Drink Ideas

Louise Hendon | August 10
lychee ice cubes #paleo #recipes

I love flavoring my drinks for a bit of fruit, and lychees add such great flavor to a drink. Plus they look cool and can act as ice cubes if you freeze them. It can make a simple glass of water suddenly taste a lot better!

What are lychees?

Lychees (also spelled litchi or lizhi) are small round fruits with a prickly pinkish outer shell. Once you peel that thin outer shell, you’ll find sweet soft white flesh surrounding a small hard core. They’re very tasty and often found used in Chinese desserts. You can find fresh lychees sold in many Asian supermarkets, and most big supermarkets in the US will sell canned lychees as they’ve become so popular.

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How to make Lychee Ice Cubes

Take your lychees out of the can and just rinse the syrup off (or use fresh lychees if you have them available – just peel them and remove the core first).


Place the lychees into freezer bags. But don’t squeeze too many into one bag as you don’t want them to clump together once they’re frozen.

lychees in bags

Place flat in your freezer. Try to spread the lychees out a bit so they don’t stick to each other too much. Freeze them overnight.

lychees in freezer

Then once they’re frozen, just remove a few from the bag whenever you want to use them. Plop a few into a drink to use as ice cubes to chill your drink and to add some lychee flavor.

frozen lychee ice cubes

You can even eat the lychees once you finish your drink!

lychee ice cubes #paleo #drinks #recipe

lychee ice cubes #paleo #drinks #recipe

lychee ice cubes #paleo #drinks #recipe

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lychee ice cubes #paleo #recipes #icecubes

lychee ice cubes #paleo #drinks #recipe

Lychee Ice Cubes – Flavored Drink Ideas

  • Author: Louise Hendon
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  • Total Time: 1 minute
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  1. Pour the syrup out of the can of lychees and lightly rinse the lychees.
  2. Drain well and place into freezer bags.
  3. Freeze overnight.
  4. Use as ice cubes in drinks.