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17 Delectable Paleo Artichoke Recipes [Includes AIP Artichoke Recipes]

Louise | February 13
Paleo Artichoke Recipes - 19 Delectable Paleo Artichoke Recipes [Includes AIP Artichoke Recipes]

Artichoke is a delicious vegetable, and while they do require a bit of preparation before you can eat them, they can be a great addition to your Paleo diet.

Artichokes are packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients. They contain cynarin, which can help stimulate bile production. And they’re a great source of fiber.

One thing to watch out for when making these Paleo artichoke recipes is to make sure you’re using the right part of the plant for the dish.

There are typically two parts of this plant that are edible.

There are the leaves (which are part of the flower bud). These have a thorn on the tip so make sure you cut off that bit before using it in your dishes.

Then there’s the heart, which makes up the base of the artichoke. You can also often purchase artichoke heart in cans or jars.

There’s also an inedible choke part, and you should remove that section. You can recognize the choke because it’s the thin (silky) white and purple leaves you see in the middle of the artichoke when you cut it open. Don’t try to eat this bit!


We’ve found a bunch of different ways to use artichokes – you can make them into dips, roast them, stuff them, steam them, bake them, or even use them in stews. So enjoy these Paleo artichoke recipes! We’ve also labeled recipes that are AIP-friendly (Paleo autoimmune protocol) as [AIP].

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Table Of Contents For Paleo Artichoke Recipes

Paleo Artichoke Recipes – Dips

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Garlic & Artichoke Hummus [AIP]

– Meatified
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Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified
Ingredients: artichoke, garlic, olive or avocado oil, lemon juice.

This recipe is so simple to make! With only four ingredients, it is creamy and delicious. This dish can be used as a side for grilled chicken, as a burger topping, or just as a dip when you are entertaining. Serve it with veggies like carrot sticks and celery stalks. You shouldn’t need to add any salt as the brined artichokes are salty enough.

Olive, Artichoke and Spinach Dip

– The Healthy Foodie
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Photo Credit: Sonia from The Healthy Foodie
Ingredients: fresh spinach, raw almonds, pitted green olives, pitted black olives, lemons, artichoke hearts, Paleo mayo, cloves garlic, chili pepper flakes, black pepper, nutmeg.

It is a well-known fact that when you have a party, you can never have enough dip! This one packs a bit of a punch from the chili pepper flakes, and the lemon helps to cut through the richness of the dip. Once you have made this, it is best to let it sit for a couple of hours in the fridge to allow the flavors to blend together. And remember when you are roasting nuts that they can burn quite easily, so keep your eye on them!

Lemon Artichoke Dip/Sauce/Pesto [AIP]

– Swiss Paleo
Ingredients: artichoke hearts, lemon juice, lemon zest, olive oil, parsley, garlic, salt.

This is such an easy recipe – just toss all the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth! This makes a lovely creamy dip with the sharpness of lemon and is ideal served with vegetable crudités or in a lettuce leaf as a wrap. If you are not too keen on a lot of garlic, then simply cut back on it – just keep tasting until you get it the way you want it!

Kale Artichoke Pistou [AIP]

– Zenbelly
Ingredients: kale leaves, garlic, basil leaves, artichoke hearts, lemon juice, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil.

With the look and texture of a pesto, this is a delicious and healthy alternative. The basil gives this dish such a fragrant aroma, and it is perfect as a side for chicken, burgers, fish or just as a dip for your favorite veggies. This can be a wonderful addition to a dinner party, especially if you have vegan guests or people who are dairy intolerant.

Paleo Artichoke Recipes – Grilled and Roasted Artichokes

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Lemon Rosemary Grilled Artichokes

– Aris Menu
Ingredients: lemons, artichokes, rosemary, olive oil, salt, pepper.

A simple and versatile way to cook artichokes is to grill them. Boiling them first just helps to make sure they are soft and delicious. If you don’t like rosemary then you can simply use another herb of your choice, but be careful that you don’t use a strong herb that will mask the delicate flavour of the artichoke.

Roasted Artichokes with Lemon Tarragon Butter

– I Breathe I’m Hungry
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Photo Credit: Melissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry
Ingredients: artichokes, olive oil, salt, pepper, butter, fresh lemon juice, fresh tarragon.

Roasting artichokes makes them sweeter and serving them with lemon tarragon butter makes them taste so good! (You can use ghee instead of butter to stay more dairy-free.) When you roast them, if you are not sure how long to cook them, just use a fork to check when they are tender in the middle. If you are preparing these for the first time and you are taking a bit too long, then simply drop the prepared ones into lemon water to stop them oxidizing.

Paleo Artichoke Recipes – Steamed Artichokes

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Bacon Spinach Dip with Steamed Artichokes

– Ditch the Wheat
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Photo Credit: Carol from Ditch the Wheat
Ingredients: basic aioli, garlic, spinach, onion, cooked bacon.

Using mustard in this recipe gives the dip a depth of heat. If you choose to use cured bacon, keep a check on the amount of salt as some bacon is salty enough. As the artichoke has quite a delicate flavor, it is the ideal way to serve what is a punchy and tasty dip. You can use this as an appetizer or just as a snack while you watch a movie!

Salmon with Artichokes and Tomatoes in Parchment

– This is so Good
Ingredients: salmon fillet, artichoke hearts, cherry or grape tomatoes, shallot, lemon slices, capers, ghee, sea salt, ground black pepper, basil leaves.

Cooking in parchment paper is such a healthy way to enjoy fish and veggies. Steamed artichokes go so well with fish as the process helps to keep all the flavor and goodness in the dish. They add a delicate flavor and smooth texture which is ideal with salmon as it does not have such a strong taste. When serving this to guests, one idea is to place the parchment on a plate and let the guests open it themselves as this gives them the chance to experience the sudden rush of scents!

Steamed Artichoke with Sunshine Sauce

– Cavegirl Cuisine
Ingredients: artichoke, lemon slices, garlic, Herbes de Provence, unsalted butter, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, raw honey, sea salt.

There is an art to eating a whole artichoke – you cook it then take off each leaf and scrape the flesh off with your teeth, leaving the firm part aside. The artichoke heart is tender and delicious and deserves to be dipped in an herb butter to enhance its flavor. This recipe has a slight heat from the mustard, a zing from the lemon, and a subtle sweetness from the honey.

Paleo Artichoke Recipes – Artichokes in Stews

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Lamb Stew with Artichokes, Tomatoes and Bacon

– Holly Would If She Could
Ingredients: bacon, boneless leg of lamb, salt, pepper, yellow onions, cloves garlic, rosemary, chicken broth, diced tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts.

This dish has a hearty, welcoming look that will make your mouth water! Perfect for a colder day or for a dinner party. The artichoke hearts add a texture and bulk to this stew. You simply add them at the end of cooking, give them a few minutes to heat through, then serve and enjoy.

Crispy Chicken Skillet With Artichokes, Beets, Lemon & Olives

– So Let’s Hangout
Ingredients: lard (or other cooking fat/oil), onion, garlic, chicken thighs, salt, pepper, granulated garlic, lemon zest, chicken stock, beet, artichoke hearts, pitted kalamata olives, lemon juice.

The artichoke and olives in this recipe add a real Mediterranean feel to this dish. Their creamy textures go perfectly with chicken and with the sweetness from the beets. Adding the lemon juice right at the end gives a real zing and helps bring out the flavors.

Shrimp with Garlic and Artichokes [AIP]

– Steph Gaudreau
Ingredients: shrimp, garlic, artichoke hearts, capers, black pepper, coconut oil.

This is yet another way to show how well artichoke hearts work with fish! Their creamy texture and gentle flavor is an ideal option when serving shrimp. I have found that there are a lot of artichoke recipes which involve capers. Not a fan? Just leave them out, or for an exotic touch, try adding in some olives instead as they are so good with shrimp. And if you’re staying AIP, just omit the black pepper from this dish.

Chicken, Peppers + Artichokes

– Paleo on a Budget
Ingredients: fat of choice, chicken, bell peppers, artichoke hearts, lemon juice, basil or favorite herb, salt, pepper.

One pot dishes are great! If you can find artichoke hearts in a jar they can save you both time and money. They are already prepared, so you can simply chop them up and add them in. Artichokes can add a decadence to a meal, making this dish great for dinner parties. You could try serving it with zoodles or spaghetti squash, but cauliflower rice makes a great base too!

Paleo Artichoke Recipes – Baked Artichoke Dishes

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Italian Artichoke Bake with Basil Cream Sauce

– My Heart Beets
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Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets
Ingredients: spaghetti squash, artichoke hearts, organic sundried tomatoes in olive oil, baby spinach, egg, basil leaves, coconut milk, white wine, lemon juice, cloves garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper.

This recipe calls for frozen artichoke hearts and these can be even better than canned and are found in many supermarkets. There is a traditional Mediterranean flavor to this bake because of the garlic, tomato, and basil, which all go so well together. This recipe is served with spaghetti squash, but you could use cauliflower rice instead if you prefer.

Crustless Spinach and Artichoke Quiche

– Bravo for Paleo
Ingredients: eggs, Creole seasoning, spinach, artichoke hearts, red bell pepper, garlic, coconut milk, sea salt, ground black pepper.

This quiche is great served hot or cold. And with no crust and no-dairy, it is totally guilt-free too! Quiches are a great idea for breakfast or lunch and are easy to serve with a simple salad. If you prefer to make this quiche more filling, then you can bulk it up by using extra veggies such as extra bell peppers and broccoli, or add some minced meat. Use this recipe as a base, then add your favorites to make it suit your taste.

Spinach Artichoke Pizza with Caramelized Onions (Grain and Dairy Free)

– Savory Lotus
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Photo Credit: Katja from Savory Lotus
Ingredients: tapioca flour, coconut flour, unrefined sea salt, full fat coconut milk, ghee or coconut oil, egg, onion, spinach, artichoke hearts, olive oil, garlic, raw cashew, nutritional yeast, tomato.

Missing out on pizza? Then try this recipe which uses paleo flatbread for the base. This pizza is ideal for kids too and they won’t even notice just how healthy it is! The creamy consistency of the artichokes makes them a great ingredient for making this pizza sauce and they are complimented by the sweetness of the caramelized onions.

Artichoke and Avocado Enchiladas

– Naked Avocado
Ingredients: collard green leaves, green chile enchilada sauce, avocados, artichoke hearts, artichoke heart marinade, green chiles, pine nuts, garlic powder, cumin.

Artichokes are full of antioxidants to help keep your liver healthy and can aid your digestion. This Paleo artichoke recipe can be adjusted easily to suit your taste and has a hit from the green chilis. This dish is great for the family or for a Mexican-themed meal with friends. It’s also a vegan dish so it’s perfect for serving at dinner parties when your guests have different dietary requirements.