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Tea Eggs (Cha Dan) Recipe

Louise Hendon | November 6

And this was the conversation in my living room last night:
ME: So, it’s Election Day on Wednesday, right. Isn’t that…
J: No, it’s on Tuesday.
ME: Are you sure? I read it on…
J: There are some things you have to trust an American on.

So, it’s Tuesday today….Happy Election Day to all those in the US! Now, let’s move on to breakfast involving some other nationalities!

This is simply the yummiest and simplest way of eating eggs for breakfast! Cha Dan (literally translated as “Tea Egg”) is a traditional Chinese recipe involving soy sauce and spices and eggs, but to decrease the amount of soy consumption (coz it’s not too good for you!), here’s a soy-free Cha Dan Recipe. You can of course add coconut aminos or tamari sauce instead of soy sauce, but it’ll cost you pretty much a whole bottle for two dozen eggs!

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Paleo Egg and Leek Stir-Fry

Louise Hendon | November 5

I always thought leeks were funny vegetables – they look kinda like a weed (I mean, they’re tall, stiff, and grass-like). But when it comes to good-tasting, they’re definitely pretty high up there on my list of vegetables! It’s sort of like eating a weird non-GMO hybrid of onion, spring onion, and garlic. And they go fantastically well with eggs!

Before, I move on to the recipe, though, here’s a cool fact I just found out about leeks (I’m constantly amazed by what I can learn from Wikipedia!): leeks actually appear on the coronation gown of Queen Elizabeth II because they’re the national emblem of Wales (well, I knew that last bit about Wales)!

Oh, and another cool fact…that’s my lovely mother holding the plate (I know, I know, you can only see her hands – we’re both camera shy)!

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Paleo Garlic Jalapeno Chicken Saute [Keto]

Louise Hendon | November 4

Is that a FLIP-FLOP? And is that CHICKEN on it? Yes. And yes.

So,this post is about the chicken saute recipe (that’s on the plate), but first I just have to make so silly noises over the cute plate in the photo above! Yes, it is a plate in the shape of a flip-flop and not actually a flip flop! It was way too fun of a plate to place on my boring white counter-top, and so I photo-shopped (or rather Gimp’d) it onto a sandy beach photo. And yes, I’m grinning quite madly right now 🙂 And yes, to celebrate, I danced a little delighted jig in the kitchen where no one could see me!

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Chocolate!! Avocado Paleo Smoothie Recipe

Louise Hendon | November 2

Why must smoothies be a breakfast/brunch recipe? I always hear of people saying they had a smoothie for breakfast, but it never made sense to me why I couldn’t also have a smoothie for lunch and dinner (and maybe a midnight snack too)! If it’s a delicious smoothie, then it should be enjoyable ANYTIME.

And this smoothie is definitely one of those “enjoy anytime” ones! (Here are a few other smoothie recipes to try – Ketogenic Green Smoothie, the Wicked Paleo Smoothie, and the Coconut Water Green Smoothie.)
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90-Second Microwave Paleo Bread

Louise Hendon | October 29

This is too great of a recipe not to share again, even though there are loads of different versions of it on various websites (like here and here).

To make a loaf of bread instead, check out this recipe here.

The important ingredients in this recipe are: almond flour, eggs, baking powder, and salt. If you have just those, then you’re good to go! Of course, it can taste very different depending on exactly what you use.

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This is what one of our readers (Betty) told me when I asked her how she liked this recipe:

I have made it every day since I got the recipe. It is amazing toasted.

So, I hope you will enjoy it too!

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Salmon Stew/Kitchen Sink Soup

Louise Hendon | October 26

What I love about this soup is the fact that you can put anything in it and it’ll still taste great.  The key ingredients are some good broth, some fresh vegetables, and some delicious protein.  Which all just sounds like the perfect proportions for healthy eating to me!
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Paleo Cookies with Almond Butter

Louise Hendon | October 21

Milk and cookies anyone? I felt like some dessert tonight and so made a variation of the cinnamon cookies that I used to make – they are quite delicious and addictive! The basis of the cookies is almond butter and chia bran.
What is chia flour? It’s a flour made from chia seeds that works well as a replacement to flax meal, almond flour, or coconut flour. It doesn’t taste strongly of anything but sticks ingredients together well. It’s great to bake with!

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Baked Squash

Louise Hendon | October 19

I picked up this squash from our local store the other day (I don’t actually even know what kind it is – anyone know?). It was really tough to cut open, so I just made a small cut and shoved it into the oven for 2 hours on 350F. It smelled amazing (and was very easy to cut!) and tasted pretty good too – adding a bit of coconut oil or raw honey will make it taste amazing. Perfect for autumn!
baked squash

Making Real Vanilla Extract

Louise Hendon | October 10

I know this might look like a muddy bottle of cheap vodka to you, but it is in actual fact a delicious and highly prized (by me) bottle of my own vanilla extract.  Fresh Madagascar vanilla beans with vodka (yes, it’s cheap vodka!).  No sugar.  No coloring.

It smells delicious, and I’ve made enough to last me quite a long long time! It’s also amazing how much cheaper it is to make your own. I initially balked at having to pay $28 for my vanilla beans (around 50 beans), but they were well worth it. And my vodka was only around $10. So for approximately $30 (because I only use around 30 beans), I can make 1 liter (or 33oz) of completely pure vanilla extract.  The brand of pure vanilla extract I used to buy (Simply Organic) is $16 for 8oz on Amazon.  So basically, it’s Double The Price to buy rather than make your own vanilla extract!

The method is simple, and this is how it works:

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Craftbar in NYC–Restaurant Review

Louise Hendon | October 7

Living in New York, it’s hard to escape the influence of Tom Colicchio.  From Riverpark to the entire chain of Craft restaurants, my OpenTable options are often crammed with his restaurants.  And so this visit to Craftbar was definitely not my first!

I first came across Craftbar over a year ago when they started serving brunch.  I happened to be looking for a nice brunch place that wasn’t ridiculously hard to get into (I rarely remember to make reservations a day ahead of time, much less 3 weeks…), and Craftbar answered my New Yorker Saturday morning needs!  However, their dinner reviews on Yelp didn’t fill me with great confidence, which is why it took me over a year and countless brunch visits before I finally clicked to make a dinner reservation.  Boy was I glad I did!

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Paleo Baked Rosemary Salmon Recipe [Keto, AIP]

Louise Hendon | October 2

I had no idea what a world of difference fresh rosemary made until I started growing my own on my balcony.  You can check out the photo of my potted plant at the end of my last article, which was on my mum’s organic garden.  It’s so convenient to be able to just go pick some herbs and then throw it into a dish I’m making.

Ok, onto this Paleo baked salmon recipe because it’s super simple!

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Apple Curry Tuna Salad

Louise Hendon | September 19

Here comes another simple recipe that requires Zero Cooking.  It’s become a welcome habit when you have little time in the evenings.  What I love about this recipe is the great mix of flavors (apples, curry, parsley, and a tiny hint of lime) and the fact you can make a bunch of it all in one go.  In fact, I took some for lunch today.

I first discovered the joys of adding curry powder to tuna fish when I made this recipe many years ago.  Since then, I’ve simplified and improved the recipe (I hope) with fresh curly parsley and apples!
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Cauliflower, Leek, and Bacon Soup

Louise Hendon | September 7

I used to love potato & leek soup growing up – it’s just so thick and hearty and delicious.  Since cauliflower is such a great substitute for potatoes, I figured it would work well in the soup to give it a thick texture.  And of course, I just couldn’t resist adding in some bacon!
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